10 Reasons To Start Your Own Business

There are many good reasons why you should start your own business. For many, it is a dream to be able to work from anywhere in the world.

To start your own business is a dream that many people pursue. No wonder, because it also has many advantages. If you have not yet dared to take the step into self-employment, we will introduce you to 10 reasons below that will not make you hesitate any longer.

The start to the self-employment is always associated with some risk. You are completely responsible for yourself, you are not sure whether it will work in the long term and you often have to work more than 40 hours a week. On the other hand, there are just as many advantages. 

Above all, that you can do what you always wanted to do. In the following, we would like to name 10 reasons that speak for self-employment.

1. Do what you like to do

The first reason in favor of self-employment is probably the most obvious. You start your own business because you would like to do what you like to do without any regulations. 

Many turn their hobby into a profession or start their own business with their current job. The most important thing about self-employment is that you feel like doing it and that you fully support your idea. If that is not the case and you only approach the whole thing half-heartedly, it can quickly happen that you fail with the project. 

Ideally, you will turn your hobby into a job and look forward to every day when you can get started with your work – a clear advantage for self-employment.

2. Free timing

Do you prefer to work on Sunday afternoons because that’s when you have your most productive time? Or would you prefer at midnight? This is usually only feasible if you become self-employed. 

Because with most employers you are bound to fixed working hours so that meetings can take place and agreements can be made. If you are self-employed and do not have to coordinate with other employees , you are much more free in terms of your time management. 

Of course, depending on the type of self-employment, you still have to stick to opening times or deadlines, but you can largely determine your working hours yourself.

3. You are your own boss

One of the most popular reasons to be self-employed is that you don’t have anyone to tell you what to do. You are your own boss and you also take responsibility for your work and what you do.

Your own creativity is no longer slowed down by others, but you can carry out the tasks exactly as you see fit. So you can live out yourself more freely and book the successes achieved from it for yourself.

4. You can make more money

In a permanent position you will quickly reach the limit of what you can earn, as the salaries are often within a limited framework. It’s different with your self-employment. 

Here you have the amount of your earnings in your own hands. You can continue to develop products and services, raise them to a new level or expand your company. There is no limit here. It is up to you how successful your company can be and how much money you can earn with it.

5. Work wherever you want

Depending on what kind of self-employment you are aiming for, you can choose your job completely freely. This is the case, for example, if you can work online. 

Then it doesn’t matter whether you work at home on the couch, in the nearby café , in a coworking space or on a Caribbean beach: you have the full range of options here. The only important thing is that your customers can somehow reach you at set times. 

So if you work in another country, you have to take time differences into account. Apart from that, you are completely free to choose your job independently.

6. Diverse everyday life

As a self-employed person, you will be confronted with a wide variety of things on a daily basis. There are also less exciting things like taxes , but you are constantly faced with new challenges. 

That never makes your everyday life boring. In addition, as a self-employed person you don’t have to commit yourself to just one type of job. For example, if you work as an author , but also want to train yourself as a personal trainer , you can combine both with independence.

7. You make a lot of new contacts

As a self-employed person or founder, it is enormously advantageous for you to build up a network of different entrepreneurs. Especially when you start your own company, a large network is important in order to benefit from each other professionally. 

This has the practical side effect that you get to know a lot of interesting new people who you otherwise would probably never have met.

8. Make a career

For many people, one of the most important reasons for self-employment is that they can make a career with their own business. Because in a permanent contract the chances of advancement are often not very great or end quickly. 

You can expand your own company or your self-employed activity according to your own ideas and thus really make a career. A career that you have worked out entirely on your own.

9. Create jobs

If you start your own business and want to grow it, you will not get around hiring employees at some point . On the one hand you take responsibility for them, but you also give them the opportunity to participate in a great project for which you are fully committed. 

In this way, you also create new jobs at the same time and can put together your own team.

10. Continuous development

As a self-employed person, you will regularly encounter new challenges. This means that you have to constantly adapt to new changes in order for your business to continue to function well. 

This can also include changing the entire business model or adapting it to current events. But that also has many advantages. On the one hand it offers a lot of variety, on the other hand you develop personally. 

You can constantly try out new things, test your limits and maybe even implement new innovative ideas. Challenges are therefore not only exhausting, they also constantly develop you further.


There are numerous reasons that speak in favor of starting your own business. The most important reason, however, is still that you have to feel like going into business for yourself and that you fully support your idea. 

If that’s not the case, the rest of the reasons are unlikely to do you much good. After all, you often don’t last long in the things you don’t enjoy. 

Nevertheless, there are many reasons that help you to decide for self-employment and that make the decision much easier.

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