10 Best Education Franchise Opportunities in India

“There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.”

Business in India has always been a flourishing idea. One can gain a lot from business with good skills and a clear vision.

Education Sector is one of the sectors where you can build a great business for yourself from scratch. It is a sector that is said to have no downfall. One would always need schools, colleges and universities till the dawn.

Thus, investment in the education sector from business purpose is not only a good but smart idea. 

When it comes to education as a business, there are two options you can go with.

The first one is setting up your Institute. This would include getting land to set up the Institute, which is a primary step. The complexities arrive later that include getting an authorization from the Education Board that can either be central or state board.

Even if you get authorization, what needs to be done is getting a good name and fame to get the firm into a business. Thus, setting up your institution, although it may not be a bad idea it may take a lot of time to flourish. 

The second option that one has is getting an education franchise. So,

What is an Education Franchise?

Education Franchises are franchises of already set Education Foundations that you may own and make a profit out of it. 

Education Franchise is a booming business in India. Education Franchises are big brands that you want to get along with.

There are various options available in these franchises as well. You may invest in small projects like pre-primary schools or a little bigger project like High School.

On a much larger scale, there are education franchises of Universities and Colleges. Because of the pandemic, the new emerging Education Franchise can be the Online Education System.

Other options available are Coaching Institutions which have been a really good investment in India after the commercialization of the Education Industry. 

So, going through all these various types of availabilities.

Top 10 Education Franchise Opportunities In India

Here are the top 10 Education Franchises which are taking the lead in the business and can be thought of as a good option. 


KIDZEE is one of leading Play School Franchises in India. It has around 1700+ franchises all across the country. KIDZEE is an initiative of Essel Group.

It has been more than 10 years of its existence thus assures you of good reputation and fewer worries. You need a minimum of 12,00,000 of investment and 2000-3000 sq. ft of land to own a KIDZEE Franchise.

The returns have always been said to be higher than investments. Thus, it is one of the best Education Franchise to own in India. 

2. Euro Kids

Another leading Pre-school Franchise of India, Eurokids has been running in the last 17 years and has 1000+ franchises all across India. It is a good opportunity for those who look for a long times business.

The initial investment in the franchise is about 10-15 lacs with 2000 sq ft of land.

The Eurokids Franchise Support Program also helps you to set up the institution and get all the support and help from the franchise itself. It is a good option as a long-term investment with beneficial returns. 

3. Jaipuria School 

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School has been running since 1974 and is one of the leading high schools of India. With the initial investment of 8-10 Cr. and 2.5-3 acres of land, there are high chances of good returns.

Jaipuria School has its franchise across all the major cities of the country and has been giving brilliant results for a long time now. To take up a franchise, you need to go through various procedures, and once you are done, you can start your own Jaipuria School.

It proves to be a better investment than other leading schools as it is affordable and has a good student life. 

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4.The Millennium School

The Millennium Schools are known for the largest curriculum research and are the leading group of schools these days.

The Institute promises you to give a 100% support while setting up your franchise and good acquisition. What intrigues one to invest in the group is that it is a new emerging group and has a bright future.

5. GD Goenka School

One can set up a world-class school under the aegis of GD Goenka School. The Institute offers you to be the part in three different ways.

You may set up a high school till class 12 or may start with a preschool. They have two preschool options, i.e. La Petite and Toddler House.

The firm itself helps you with an advertisement, and the investment depends upon what you want kind of school are you interested in. 

6. Mount Litera Zee School

Another initiative by the Essel Group, MLZS is a chain of high schools. With a requirement of 2-3 acres of land, the investment is almost equal to any other high school Franchise of India.

While setting up the institution, Zee Learn will provide end to end consultancy in operating the school and setting it up. The construction cost is over 90,000 sqft over three phases, and a minimum of 2-3 acres is required.  

7. Educomp

Educomp is India’s largest technology-driven education company. Presently Educomp is working with three leading schools, i.e. The Millennium, Takshila and Universal Academy.

It plans to open 100 new schools in the coming years. Also, the pandemic has proved that technology-driven education is the education of the age.

The initial investment is pretty less as compared to the franchises mentioned above. It begins with 5-10 lacs with a good return possibility.

The Roots to Wings franchise of Educomp has begun with the Kindergarten section and has a good scope. Looking at the present situation, this looks like a good investment strategy. 

8. T.I.M.E.

T.I.M.E. is a leading competitive exams franchise and is known for training students for various exams like CAT, GMAT, GRE, GATE, CLAT etc. it is spread over 119 cities and towns of the country and has a good potential of growth.

One can have a T.I.M.E. Franchise by some basic aspects like having an MBA/postgraduate/ Engineering degree.

An office with 500 sqft of the area and basic non-teaching and teaching staff. It is one of the best education franchises to invest in as Coaching industries are booming in India and to own a brand like T.I.M.E. is an opportunity itself. 

9. Aakash Institute

Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) is a leading brand in the Coaching and Training Industries. With a network of 186+ centres, Aakash is a prominent brand.

One can consider it as one of the best options for investment. The requirements for getting the franchise includes having a good amount of investment and an office with multiple classrooms.

Aakash offers tuitions to students from class 6 to 12 with coaching for competitive exams like NEET, JEE Mains, KVPY, NTSE etc. this can be a good investment strategy in the Education Sector. 

10. IBT Institute Pvt Limited

IBT is a leading SSC, Banking and MBA coaching institute. The Institute has a very profit-oriented module from the lens of business strategy. It is one of the best in its area and has an immense growth rate.

Thus, it ultimately becomes a good investment. An area of 1000-1500 sqft is required for the setup with an investment of 2-5 lac.

The support from IBT also proves to be helpful for the setup of the organization. Overall, this is an ideal start to your investment as an Education Franchise. 

These were the top 10 Education Franchise Opportunities. Education as an Industry would barely have a loss and thus is a good investment. One who is planning to get a franchise should go through the list once. We hope that this proves to be helpful to you. 

Happy Investment!