Best Food Franchise Business Opportunities in India

“Nothing but a scrumptious meal halts a busy man.”

India is a country of Cuisines. Food Business in India has always been a profitable investment. And with the new age comes new ideas and what’s newer than Food Franchise.

Collaborating with big food brands and setting up your café, restaurant, or a food outlet is a dream of every second person. 

Food Franchise in India have long been running now and have a very successful history. Various food outlets are run under famous brands with good returns.

Thus, if you are interested in investing your money into food and beverages, food franchises can be a handsome opportunity for you. 

Food Franchise work in a very subtle way. One who wants to own a brand and open an outlet in their name may get a franchise by fulfilling some criteria given out by the Brand. In the case of food franchise, these criteria are a certain amount of area for an outlet and an amount of investment.

Support and Guidance are provided by the Brand itself to check the maintenance and quality of food.

In return, the individual has to pay a certain amount of royalty fees to the company and then can operate the franchise himself or herself. Thus, investment in food franchises is a good option. 

Top 10 Food Franchise Opportunities In India

Here we have top 10 food franchise opportunities that are available in India. From high-class restaurants to cost-effective cafes, here is a list that you may consider going through once before your investment.

1. Mother Dairy 

Mother Dairy is a Dairy Franchise that started in 1974. The company sells dairy products and has been a reputed dairy outlet for a long time. One is sure to earn a good profit because of the name the company holds.

Basic requirements to get a franchise of the company are that one must have an investment amount of at least 5-10 lacs and an area of 5,000 square feet in a good area.

The Royalty fees of the company are 50,000 Rs, and one has to pay this to the company and can expect a good return in the coming years through the profits. 


AMUL or Anand Milk Union Limited is one of the oldest dairy and first union to be formed in the country.

AMUL Parlors are outlets that sell all kind of Amul Products from milk, buttermilk to ice-creams and chocolates. There are two kinds of outlets that Amul offer.

First, one being Amul preferred outlet/ Amul Railway outlet/ Amul Kiosk that generally takes up an area of 100-150 sq ft with an investment of 2 lacs.

The second type of outlet is Amul ice-cream scooping parlour that needs an area greater than 300 sq ft of an area with an investment of Rs 6 lacs. Working Capital may be an extra requirement in both cases.

Overall, an investment into Amul is a good idea as the brand name is really good, and one may earn high profits with smaller input by investing in Amul Outlets. 

3. Haldiram

Being the oldest sweet and snack outlet of India, Haldiram operates over 80 countries across the world and is well known and established in India.

Indians love nothing as much as little snacks like biscuits and bhujias for which Haldiram is known for.

The company was set up in 1937 in Bikaner, Rajasthan and now rules almost all across the country. It is one of the most trusted brands in India and has three different kinds of outlets. 

  • Casual Dinner – An area of 2000-3000 sq ft is required with a minimum investment of 1 to 4 crores of rupees. A casual dining restaurant in Bikaneri style is what one can call this kind of outlet. It is one of the most expensive outlets of Haldiram. 
  • Kiosk – the Haldiram Kiosk needs an area of 75-100 sq ft of an area and is a low maintenance outlet. Generally, it would require an investment lesser than the other options available. The low maintenance makes it more affordable and easily accessible for the investor as well as the customers. 
  • Quick Service Dinner – This is a smaller dining restaurant type that would require an area of 1000- 1500 sq ft with an investment of 1 to 3 crores. Certainly, bigger than the kiosk, this type of Haldiram Outlet is rather affordable than the fine dining and has better return assurance. 

One can see Haldiram as a good investment with good profits and high returns. 

4. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins is one of the world’s leading premium ice-cream and beverages company. It has around 7000 outlets around the world. Baskin Robbins is known for its specialized ingredients and flavours.

When it comes to own a Baskin Robbins outlet, you need to have a long-term strategic vision and financial credibility. BR also has three kinds of availabilities for their franchises.

The first one being a Kiosk that needs an area of at least 150 sq ft and an investment of around 11 lacs. Second outlet option that is available is of a parlour with an area of 250 sq ft and investment of Rs 13 lacs.

The third and last outlet for Baskin Robbins includes a lounge that would need an area of 500 sq ft and an investment of Rs 18 lacs or above. All three outlets have a franchise fee.

The outlet’s fee is Rs 5,00,000, but the other two have this fee as 4,00,000. Overall Baskin Robbins is a leading brand that is even famous in the youth, is a good strategy of investment and good income. 

5. Taco Bell

Taco Bell is a Mexican food restaurant, and because there are very few Mexican food chains in India, Taco Bell becomes the perfect choice for one.

The cost of the requirement to own a franchise is minimum three crores with an area of 1000-1200 sq ft. the investment in the company can be good choice as fast food is a growing business and with new flavours being introduced cafes and restaurants like this one have a huge possibility of higher benefits. 

6. Tea Post

With the motto of “a place to talk to”, Tea post is a tea café that now operates across all major cities of the country. The café was started in Gujrat in 2013 and now has its unique chains everywhere.

Tea post is established as a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) with an idea of low investment and high returns idea. The kiosk needs an area varying from 120- 400 sq ft with an investment of around 15 lacs.

The kiosks are generally set up in colleges, schools or the inviting youth area, and that ensures a good return for the investor. As a growing chain, Tea Post is a good investment strategy. 

7. Subway

Subway is an American restaurant franchise known for its submarine sandwiches, salads and beverages. It was found in 1965 and has expanded since then. It has now become a global brand.

Subway has now become a leading chain in a fast-food restaurant in India. To own a franchise, the initial investment ranges from 6 lac to 11 lacs.

The area one needs depends upon what kind of setup are you interested in. thus, the overall subway becomes a good choice of investment in the Food Industry. 

8. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is the most loves Pizza brand across the world, and that makes it one of the best franchises to invest in. with a name so good, one is sure about getting high returns after investing in setting up their own Pizza Hut franchise.

To own a Pizza Hut restaurant, one needs an area of 1000-1500 sq ft in a social area like the airport, shopping mall etc. although the official website of the company does not disclose the investment amount, you can learn more by visiting their official website. 

9. KFC 

KFC is one of the world’s oldest restaurant chains, and thus it gives brand value to your franchise itself. It is owned by the YUM! Brand and one can open up a KFC Franchise by getting registered and fulfilling conditions mentioned by the company. 

10. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is again this shiny Brand that one can get a franchise and have high profits. The initial investment to own an McD restaurant goes from 6- 12 crores.

The franchise fee is 30 lacs. McDonald’s is such a big brand; the returns are expected in a year or two with high profits. If you are investing in something big, McDonald’s is an option you can go with. 

So, these were top 10 food franchises options that one can look through while investing in the Food Franchise Business. If you have stayed through the end, it means you are looking forward to an investment. So, invest wisely and act smartly.