Franchise Trends In 2020

2020 is already in full swing and will bring a breath of fresh air to the franchising world.

Franchise 2020: What can we expect this year?

New year, new resolutions. Anyone who claims they didn’t plan for 2020 is probably not entirely honest.

Anyone who thinks it is time to completely turn life inside out and shape it entirely according to your ideas could think about what it would be like to be your boss, to do what you think is right, and to make your own decisions.

As nice as that sounds, it comes with a lot of responsibility and an enormous amount of work. Anyone who does not feel up to this task on their own, but does not want to bury the dream of self-employment, should take a closer look at franchising.

These are the franchise trends in 2020

The motto for 2020 is fitness, health, and environmental protection. People’s lives are developing more and more towards constant stress and workaholism. That is why it is particularly important to do something good for the body to withstand this lifestyle.

Also, millennials are becoming increasingly serious buying power, which is why their needs must also be given greater consideration.

Multi-unit franchising and master franchising for experienced entrepreneurs

The popularity of the concept called “Multi Unit Franchising” does not seem to decrease in the new year either. With this variant of classic franchising, a franchisee takes on several locations and thus has the opportunity to create a successful small empire.

Entrepreneurs who have a lot of capital available and are very experienced in management often consider this variant particularly attractive.

Anyone wishing to represent international franchise systems in world opts for “master franchising.” 

However, it should not be overlooked that in addition to negotiating skills and great stamina, foreign language skills are also of great importance.

Fast and healthy – is that possible?

Nowadays everything has to happen quickly, including food. This is why the concept of fast food is more popular than ever, but it is subject to enormous change.

Value is placed on healthy ingredients and sustainability – both points were “ordinary” fast food does very poorly. In addition, more and more vegetarian and vegan alternatives are required.

Millennials as an increasingly serious target group for franchise companies

More and more millennials are now reaching the age when they start their careers and when purchasing power increases.

To do justice to this group is anything but easy because the millennials are not easy to impress. They question advertising promises, compare all providers’ prices so as not to have to pay a cent too much, and are very difficult to assess what their buying behavior is. Finding patterns in it is almost impossible.

Millennials can no longer imagine life without the smartphone. Among other things, this means that online and offline trading are increasingly mixing up with one another.

The best example of this is the “click and collect” principle. You have the option of choosing and paying for the desired products from the comfort of your own home so that you only have to pick them up quickly from the store.

Nowadays, it is no longer sufficient to make goods and services available online. They must be linked seamlessly with the offline variants.

The change in the silver economy

There has also been a slight turnaround within the silver economy. More emphasis is placed on the quality of products and services.

A healthy lifestyle includes the right food and a change in how you spend your free time. Fitness studios and sports clubs are almost overrun, which will not change in 2020 either. The fitness sector is growing and growing and therefore offers an enormous variety.

The Resume

It is not difficult to see what 2020 and the associated franchise trends are all about: an all-around healthy lifestyle, in which sustainability is also considered. You want to be fit and mobile even in old age and be able to enjoy your retirement to the fullest.