Top Crisis-Proof Business Areas And Franchise In Times Of Corona

Every business start-up is known to involve a certain risk. Nevertheless, there are business areas that have turned out to be very crisis-proof, especially in the aftermath of the Corona crisis. In our article, we introduce you to crisis-resistant industries.

The current corona crisis shows us that starting a business should not only seem profitable when it is founded. 

Aspiring franchise founders should also consider the extent to which a business model is steadfast and viable, especially in difficult economic times.

There are certain branches of industry and business areas that can survive recessions: While numerous companies struggle with poor sales in times of crisis, crisis-proof companies are characterized as an attractive business!

Crisis-proof business field: The retail food trade

These days we are all more aware than ever of how important supermarkets and bakers are to us.

While other companies have to close, the food retail industry is booming due to numerous hamster purchases in society. In particular, bread mixes, flour, pasta, sugar and rice are at the top of the list of the most popular hamster products – even before toilet paper! And long queues form in the morning at the bakeries.

One thing is certain: No matter what is pending for a crisis, foods are always in demand, it‘s our daily survival! For that reason alone, the edible goods business is a very robust business.

The sales figures of the retail food trade reflect the current effects of the hamster purchases: Numerous products were sold twice, three times and sometimes even four times as often as usual.

The rational stockpiling is clearly exceeded here. However, the retail sector assumes that the emergency supplies in households will be used up in the course of the next few weeks and that demand will normalize again – although this, of course, depends on the further developments of the pandemic.

The boom in the corona crisis: shops that sell essential goods

Even if people are urged to be as economical as possible in economic crises, they will still need essential things such as everyday consumer goods. Above all, this also includes hygiene products, where in times of Corona, it is mainly disinfection products that dominate demand.

However, toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo and hand cream are essential products in drugstore stores alongside edible goods.

Crisis-proof: business ideas for everything to do with health

Health is also essential. And regardless of whether the economy is booming or not, medical care, care and services relating to your own well-being are in demand.

Especially in times of COVID-19, we notice: Our health is the greatest good! In addition, economic recessions are often associated with less emphasis on good quality nutrition.

Bad eating habits lead to obesity and can be the trigger for numerous common diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular and kidney diseases and osteoarthritis – mental health can also be affected as a result.

This means that health-related services will be in demand despite the recession. Our health is always important! Franchising also enables business start-ups in this area.

Rely on a secure income by helping the people in your community and thus boosting their well-being.

Crisis-proof industry: The IT industry

This is a sector that has experienced a strong boom due to digitization – and curfews and home offices have made it clear how important the internet is for us.

Even during the recession following the financial crisis in 2008/2009, the IT industry was a sector that was able to cope with the economic downturn better than other industries! You can also find out which companies coped well with the last economic crisis and why.

Even in the current Corona crisis, companies can continue to operate thanks to smart IT solutions, even if they have to send their employees home to the home office.

There are also interesting franchise companies on our website that make digitization possible and thus optimize the operational processes of companies.

Also, the e-commerce continues to grow and thus gaining in importance. Experts assume that in the next phase of the virus crisis, a shift in consumption to online shopping would be conceivable.

This development would also have become apparent in countries that were more likely to be affected by COVID-19.

The stricter the curfews and quarantine requirements, the more orders via eCommerce would increase, while the frequency of shopping in stationary retail would decrease.

Always in demand: the education sector

The education sector is also a crisis-proof sector!

A good education is crucial: Those who have received top grades and an unparalleled education will also have better job opportunities and thus be better prepared for economically difficult times.

For this reason, parents always attach great importance to a 1A education of their offspring and are also ready to improve their grades in the form of tutoring institutes.

Tutoring franchise ideas, as well as companies that also offer training and further education in digital form, are important areas, as the pupils and students can thus improve their own value on the applicant market.

Shops for maintenance and repair services

When you’re tight on cash, people pay more attention to minimizing their expenses. Specifically, this means: Instead of buying new things, you rely on repair services in order to save money.

However, this also includes services such as renovating your own four walls or repairing your car. Franchising is also represented in these areas and offers you interesting start-up opportunities!

The corona pandemic will also change the consumer behaviour of many. It can be assumed that headless mass consumption will be scaled down, while sustainability movements will be in greater demand.

In recent years there has already been an increase in green franchise ideas that advocate more sustainability, recycling and conscious consumption. COVID-19 will probably be an essential trigger that promotes the upcycling of old clothes, furniture and other everyday items.

The boom in location-independent work

Even if it, strictly speaking, not about an industry, as also the sedentary work one interesting possibility for entrepreneurs -to-be is who manages his business from your own home, which can. 

Make more cost-effective self-employed: Large fixed costs are eliminated, and you can cope better with financial hardships. Thanks to digitization, there are now numerous business ideas that can be implemented in the home office.

We also present interesting franchise ideas that can be conveniently managed from the home office.

We hope we were able to provide you with helpful tips on crisis-proof business areas. If you want to find out more about setting up a business with franchising, please browse our website or contact us. We wish all entrepreneurs a lot of strength in the Corona crisis. Together we can make it!